New appearances in spring

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New appearances in spring

New appearances in spring

The reporter visited Chinese medical experts and learned that in order to adapt to the climatic characteristics of “innovation in the spring” in the spring, we must try to give the body and spirit the conditions for growth and relaxation, or damage the liver gas.

  Wang Youkui, an expert of the Taiyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters that three months in spring is the season of “Chen Chen”. Natural objects have undergone the latent winter hidden season, and they are flourishing in the spring.All beings are glorious. ”

  Experts said that people should adapt to this change of nature and work regularly. They can stretch the body outdoors and do some exercise activities freely and flexibly.

In addition, we must pay attention to the vitality of the spirit and emotion, like the new life, and should not be restrained and suppressed.

  According to reports, the original medical classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” in spring believes that spring qi develops in spring, yang qi is strong in summer, yang qi converges in autumn, and yang qi is closed in winter. This is the general law of climate change throughout the year.This kind of change can adjust the physiology.

If spring maintenance is not carried out properly, the human body is prone to diseases in summer, and the energy provided by the human body to adapt to the long summer season will also decrease.