[How to make spinach juice]_Recommended diet

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[How to make spinach juice]_Recommended diet


[How to make spinach juice]_Recommended diet

Spinach juice is one of the vegetable juices that many weight-loss friends like to turn into because of its low trace and can increase nutritional value.

In addition, the method is relatively simple, and spinach is a common vegetable. Many people try to make it at home, and they can also match with other ingredients according to their favorite taste.

So, how to make spinach juice?

First, choose fresh, high-quality spinach.

When buying spinach, you should pay attention to choosing relatively tender spinach, and do not turn the leaves yellow, which indicates that the spinach has been left for too long, and the taste and taste are not good.

In addition, you can also choose some other ingredients, sizes, carrots or tomatoes, combined with spinach to squeeze juice, delicious.

Then, press the juice.

First, clean the spinach, cut off the roots, and wash them thoroughly in salt water to prevent other harmful substances from adhering.

Then, the washed spinach is cut into sections and can be simmered in dry water.

As spinach is easy to cook, it can be removed in about 3 minutes and placed in the juicer.

Other ingredients that need to be cooked should also be added to the juicer after being cooked.

Finally, pour the right amount of water in the juicer and start setting up the juice. After the spinach juice is finished, it can be poured into a clean container.

If the taste is too sweet, you can add honey or rock sugar appropriately and stir evenly before switching.

Especially in the hot summer, drinking a glass of chilled spinach juice can quench thirst and suppress the effect of summer heat.

The above is the specific operation method and precautions of spinach juice.

Proper supplementation of spinach juice can also supplement the vitamins and trace elements required by the human body, which is beneficial to the development of human health.

And to a certain extent, it can also prevent certain diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so spinach juice has a positive effect on the human body and can be tried at home.