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Anti-wrinkle and freckle regulations

Anti-wrinkle and freckle regulations For patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia, it is well known that vinegar has a certain health effect; for women, it also has some special effects.   Vinegar reduces wrinkles 1 and wrinkles: After washing your face in the evening, take 1 spoon of vinegar and 3 spoons of water and mix with […]

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Four-flavored longevity side, health wins Xiandan

锘? Four-flavored longevity side, health wins “Xiandan” | Click on the top right corner to read more health knowledge! Su Shi, the word Zizhan, the number “Dongpo Ju Shi”, is a great writer in the Song Dynasty, or a person who is proficient in medicine and good at health. In “Dongpo Zhilin”, he recorded the […]

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Least tested gender relations

Least tested gender relations “No official statistics now tell how many people in China live together. For young people who enjoy it, cohabitation is heaven, and for those who suffer, it is hell. The only certainty is that cohabitation, which is prevalent globally, is the most vulnerable gender relationship. Facing the reporter, Luo Huilan, a […]