[Can baby eat constipation]_Baby_Can I eat

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[Can baby eat constipation]_Baby_Can I eat

[Can baby eat constipation]_Baby_Can I eat

In the process of taking care of the baby, Bao Ma needs to think about many things, and make certain adjustments to the baby’s diet according to the baby’s physical condition, the baby’s eating habits in life and the baby’s bodyHealth is directly related.

Baby constipation is a relatively common phenomenon. When baby is constipated, it will bring a lot of pain to the baby. Baoma must take measures to solve it.

Can constipation be used for constipation in babies? Constipation can be promoted for constipation in babies, but I do n’t recommend it because babies have bad stomachs and eating sesame oil is definitely not good for the stomach.

You can drink more water, eat more fiber-rich foods, or eat Mummy Love. Mummy Love is a product that can promote digestive enzymes, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, and improve constipation.

The first thing that children with constipation should pay attention to is the correct guidance of parents, which sends a signal before the baby defecates, and is basically fixed in time every day, gradually changing to adapt to regular defecation.

If children do not have bowel movements, they should not force them, nor can they force the children to squat on the potty for a long time.

In terms of diet, some refined foods, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and fruits should be given appropriately.

For children who often have constipation, in addition to training their bowel habits, some medicines that promote bowel movements and moisturizing can be given at intervals.

Babies under the age of 1 cannot eat honey and pollen products. Some mothers like to add some honey to the baby’s milk or boiling water, thinking that this can replace the smooth stool.

But babies under 1 year old consume honey and pollen products.

Food poisoning may be caused by botulinum contamination.

Flaccid paralysis occurs in severe cases.

Make your baby cry weakly, suckle weakly, and have trouble breathing.

So it is best not to give honey to babies under 1 year old.

Ways to prevent constipation in a baby 1, scientifically arrange the baby’s diet, pay attention to the thickness and thickness.

Babies prone to constipation should be appropriately replaced with protein-based foods and vegetables with increased crude fiber.

Such as leek, celery.

Spinach and other vegetables are used in foods such as ravioli, dumplings, or pasta: cereals that increase corn fiber, such as corn, sorghum, sweet potatoes and other miscellaneous grains, are effective in cooking porridge or steaming.

Let your baby eat more fresh fruits, such as bananas, apples, and kiwi.

2, correct the baby’s partial eclipse and irregular bad habits, comprehensive nutrition.

The ratio of fish, meat, eggs and grains in food should be appropriate, and some coarse grains and miscellaneous grains should be appropriately eaten according to different ages.

Constipated babies try to eat less hamburgers, chocolate and some fried foods.

3, drink plenty of water, dredge the intermediates.

Give your baby more water, drink some soup, cabbage water, radish water, etc., and add a few coarse grains and miscellaneous grains according to the age of the baby.

You can also give your baby occasional drink some mung bean barley soup: mung bean, barley kernel to reduce fiber, not only can improve the symptoms of constipation, but also the effect of clearing heat.

4, if the baby wants to eat snacks, try to give the baby some snacks to improve constipation symptoms.

Examples are walnuts, yogurt, nori, dried apricots.

Foods such as apples and pears have the effect of increasing bowel movements.