[Can pregnant women eat small shrimps]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

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[Can pregnant women eat small shrimps]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat small shrimps]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Pregnant women pay special attention to their diets in daily life. This is mainly to protect their belly weight. After all, some foods can still have a certain effect on their fetus after being replaced, but pregnant women are generallyYou can eat small shrimps, unless the pregnant woman is allergic to small shrimps, otherwise it is still very good to take some small shrimps, you can add a lot of protein to your body, and you can reduce cholesterol in the body.

Pregnant women can eat shrimp.

Shrimp contains 20% protein, which is several times to dozens of times of fish, eggs, and milk, and is rich in potassium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and other trace elements and vitamin A and other ingredients. It is one of the best nutritional foods for pregnant women during pregnancy.One.

Shrimp is rich in calcium, so pregnant women can eat more shrimp during pregnancy.

They can supplement calcium, zinc and other trace elements in the pregnant woman’s body. This can not only promote the growth of the fetal baby’s bones, but also the baby’s brain development.

Therefore, as long as the pregnant mother has no adverse reactions to shrimp, she can eat more shrimp, which is good for pregnant women and fetuses.

1. The prevention of taurine contained in high blood pressure shrimps can reduce human blood pressure and high blood pressure, and has a certain effect on preventing high blood pressure during pregnancy.

2. Improving skin diseases Expectant mothers who are worried about skin problems during pregnancy can eat more shrimp. It is rich in zinc, a trace element, which can improve skin diseases caused by zinc deficiency and other alternatives.

3. The milk-feeding mechanism of lactating shrimp and rice, and the addition of phosphorus and calcium, is especially beneficial for children and pregnant women.

4. Promote baby brain development The lecithin in shrimp is the best thing to promote baby brain development.

The practice of eating shrimps by pregnant women Shrimp has high nutritional value and is rich in calcium, zinc and other trace elements. Pregnant women can eat more shrimps during pregnancy to supplement calcium, zinc and other nutrients, especially calcium, which can promote the growth of young children.
However, if pregnant women are allergic to seafood products such as shrimp, it is not appropriate to eat shrimp.

There are several ways for pregnant women to eat shrimp: The raw materials of dried shrimp and tofu: 20 grams of dried shrimp, 250 grams of tofu, cooking oil, soy sauce, salt, spring onion, ginger, and chicken soup.

Practice: 1. Wash the tofu first, cut into cubes, and drain the water for later use.

2. Soak the dried shrimp in water for 1-2 hours for use.

3, put the pot on the fire, add cooking oil to heat, put the tofu in the oil and fry the yellow, add the chicken soup, then put the dried dried shrimp, spring onion, ginger in the pot and boil, use a small fireStir thoroughly, add residual table salt and serve immediately.

Loofah shrimp egg soup ingredients: 250 grams of loofah, 50 grams of shrimp, 2 eggs, 1 chicken broth, green onion, salt.

Practices: 1. Scrape the skin of the loofah and cut into rhombuses; add eggs and salt to beat well; soak the shrimp in warm water.

2. Heat the frying pan, heat the oil, pour in egg liquid, spread into golden egg cakes on both sides, cut into small pieces with a shovel, and shovel out for use.

3. Put the oil in the pot and heat it up. Add the green onions and stir-fry. Add the luffa and stir-fry. Add the right amount of boiling water, chicken broth, boil the shrimps, boil for about 5 minutes, and cook the eggs for another 3 minutes. At this time, the soup turns white., Adjust the salty and you can get out of the pot.